Kevin Gue and Michael Golway at the unveiling of a gift to the Logistics and Distribution Institute

Advanced Solutions, Inc. and its President and CEO Michael Golway have given a $1 million gift to the Logistics and Distribution Institute at UofL. The gift consists of three SmartBoards (two fixed, one portable) and a multi-seat license to their Slot3D software. Thank you Advanced Solutions!

The SmartBoards will provide an excellent platform for giving presentations in the Institute as well as facilitating multi-site and multi-user collaboration via Skype. These displays sure beat crowding around a laptop! The portable unit is a special boon for use in my office.

We are especially excited to receive licenses to Slot3D, a warehouse design package that does slotting and other things for warehouses. We hope to bring the software into our Warehouse Design and Engineering (WDE) course and to use it on industry projects as they arise. The longer range goal is for us to add value back into the tool as we extend our research in this area.

Many thanks again, to Advanced Solutions and Michael Golway for this generous gift. May this be the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship!