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The National LoDI Index for October 2017 is 58, showing no change from September’s index value. Transit volumes for all modes have seen only minor fluctuations in recent months, resulting in no major change to the index value. This value for October 2017 parallels the highest index value for the year, and is the highest value seen for the month of October in recent years.

The Louisville LoDI Index for October 2017 is 68, which shows a small increase from September’s index value. All traffic modes have seen stable volumes in recent months, while the crude oil prices have continued to decrease for the Great Louisville area. These changes show the potential for increased activity in the local logistics industry. This index value is the highest local value seen for 2017, and is the highest value for the month of October in recent years.

The LoDI Index was developed at the Logistics and Distribution Institute (LoDI) at the University of Louisville and launched in early 2012. The index comes in two varieties; one specific to the Greater Louisville area, and another pertaining to the United States as a whole. Each index has the same purpose for its target area; to predict the level of logistics and distribution activity for the upcoming month. As a predictive indicator, the LoDI index can help organizations related to the field of logistics and distribution in making educated decisions related to projects, expenditures, and other associated activities, ahead of the curve.

The index utilizes regression analysis forecasting techniques. Multiple factors relating to the field are incorporated into the index’s calculations. Data includes factors relating to four main methods of transit: air, trucking, railway, and barge; as well as other economic factors. The indices are reported as a number between 1 and 100. The higher the index value, the higher the level of predicted activity. An index of 50 represents a level of activity equivalent to the established base year levels.

Future research is planned to incorporate additional indices related to the field of logistics and distribution into the LoDI Index family. Updates to the original Greater Louisville index have recently be completed in an effort to maintain as much predictive power as possible. Stay tuned for our upcoming work!

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