Demographic Issues Related to the Future of Logistics and Distribution in the Louisville Region

Demographic trends pose a challenge to the logistics and supply chain management industry. Former University of Louisville Research Manager Barry Kornstein investigated this issue by looking at data from the U. S. Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to illustrate some of the challenges ahead. We estimate roughly 45,600 Logistics and Distribution industry jobs in the Louisville MSA in 15 industry subsectors. We applied the BLS’s distribution of occupations to each industry and arrived at an estimate of the occupational distribution of the Logistics and Distribution industry in the Louisville MSA. Management, business, computer and engineering occupations currently consist of only 6.6 percent of jobs in the industry but are projected to grow by a collective 13.1% by 2024. This is a good approximation, but more research involving additional data sources would be needed to fine tune the estimates.

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